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Bikis Water Consultants, LLC (BWC) is a water resource and environmental consulting firm based in Durango, Colorado. Our clients range from private individuals and companies to governments, municipalities, Native American tribes, ski resorts, metropolitan districts and water conservation districts. We provide professional services to clients in the following areas of expertise:

Water resource planning and development
Groundwater and wells
Water rights
Wetland delineations and Section 404 permitting
Water quality
Environmental studies
Geologic studies and geologic hazards analysis
Aquatic biology and bioassessments
Lake and stream enhancements
CAD/GIS graphics
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BWC works to perform to the best of its ability, always. Our team of professional geologists and biologists have more than 60 years of combined experience in water resource and environmental consulting. Our primary goal is to meet the expanding needs of our clients in a timely and professional manner.

The company strives to create a positive work environment that fosters growth and independence for its employees. We have found that this style of management provides the necessary tools for individual and company success. Our clients reap the benefit of this spirit of teamwork, and together we find a synergism that often results in clients returning for future work.

Get to Know Us

Eric Bikis, P.G., Hydrogeologist
Dave Mehan, M.S., P.W.S., Senior Scientist
David Schiowitz , B.S., Environmental Geologist and GIS Analyst
Kelly Haun, B.A., Environmental Consultant
Diana Chumney, B.A., Office Manager
Our Logo
  We get a lot of comments about the Bikis Water Consultants logo. 
The blue square actually is a portion of a photo taken of the Animas River, which runs through the town of Durango. Being water specialists, with our offices on the river, we felt it fitting to incorporate the native water into our icon that is now a part of our company identity.